EXΟDOS, we do not know how to do it anymore. Are we lost? What to do ? What to do? are we repeating…

EXΟDOS is an exit to start, build, find. Find a connection with ourselves, with our environment.

We want to find the feeling, the emotion, the gesture, the action, the breathing out.

To dare to calm down the game, to dare the time, to dare the precarious and unusual exits, to dare the body, to dare the violence of contrarieties, to dare the ardor of the nerves, and the intoxication of silence.


EXΟDOS calls as much to the practice of acrobatics as to the techniques of dancing, fighting and meditation, both contemporary and ancestral.

So all of that it is, to get out/to exit: EXΟDOS.



A creation by Kritonas Anastasopoulos, Maja Zimmerlin and Michel Bernard

Performance Kritonas Anastasopoulos et Maja Zimmerlin

Dramaturgy/Direction Michel Bernard

Choreography Assistance Lito Anastasopoulou

Video Thomas Delord

Music Antynomy, The Social Sanity

Photos Arthur Ancion

Lights Delphine Dupont

A production by Unités / Nomade http://www.unitesnomade.wordpress.com


With the support of:


 La Roseraie (BE)

Espace Catastrophe (BE)

Wolubilis (BE) 

La Vénerie (BE) 

Acrobarouf ASBL (BE) 



July 25 2020 International Theater Festival Patras, GR

Februray 8 2019 Lithografeion Theater Patras, GR

January 31 2019 Lithografeion Theater Patras, GR

January 14 2019 Theater Rigiblick Zurich, GR

January 11 2019 Dansarte Patras, GR

November 14-18 2017 Théâtre Marni Brussels, BE

April 29 2017 Festival Ouï Liège, BE